Monday, February 4, 2013


The other morning I ran in 10 degree weather. I ran out and then back in for another layer. I ran along cursing silently as my face (the only naked part of me exposed) started to freeze. As I was contemplating the best treatment for frostbite, I started to wonder if I was really meant for this NH weather. My answer is no. My answer is that in my head I am meant to live as a  free guest of St. Maartin my entire life and that every time I feel stressed I just climb up my own private coconut tree and while throwing down a coconut (which I will drink from) I will take in the view.
Does anyone else want to throw something at the T.V. when the Key West commercials come on? Who are these people??!! On the beach, laughing, holding hands, KAYAKING! How dare they!!! They don't have frozen hair! They don't have to stand out on the arctic playground for what seems like centuries waiting for their children to come out! They don't even have children! And if they do, they are so busy making sandcastles they don't even ask for a snack!

Every year it is like this. The heart of Winter. And every year instead of getting all introspective and zen-like, slowing down and 'hybernating my spirit' I rail against it like a leopard in a cage. February is the longest month of the year. Don't argue with me because it will not be safe for you. I don't care about the 28/29th day thing. Us cold-living people want out come February. Our skin is all pale and cracky. We can't get out of bed, nor do we want to when it's 17 degrees out. Our cars whine. Our kids whine. And yes I am whining. And ready to cut the Groundhog for promising something that will not be delivered soon enough for me: An early Spring.

Take heart peeps, throw kleenex boxes at the commercials for therapy and cross off the days. We will get through this together. Oh, and drink. In my imaginary St. Maartin world they say rum makes the time go by faster.


  1. i love your blog ace girl. you should think about coming here to run the half marathon in May. its a bit warmer than you are used to but you can recover on the beach :)

  2. You don't have to ask me twice! But why do I have to wait until May?!?! xx

  3. If I lived closer, I would totally come and drink box wine and throw Kleenex boxes at the TV with you! Miss you lady! Love the blog!!!

  4. Haha you know we would drink LOTS of box wine together LOL! Miss you too Sister Gemini! xxoo

  5. Oh my goodness, I HEAR YOU. Having finally escaped this winter, I am grateful everyday that the sun shines, the daytime temperature is in the 50's - 60's and now rising on some days into the 70's in the daytime.

    I remember wanting to close myself in a closet and just sleep and not come out until I could see sunshine, feel warmth and see flowers. I kept notes on my calendar . . . the high and low temperatures, the progress of natures' movement to spring. Also, that Boston was 2 weeks ahead of us in Rindge in terms of spring, and don't expect leaves to fully open until May 15. There are exceptions, rarely.

    All of this helped me to understand why I was so damn down in the dumps and comatose! Then THEY "discovered" S.A.D. and I was freed from my feeling that I had a mental illness. Now I had a diagnosis! Seasonal Affective Disorder! Hooray! Explanation revealed; illness will be helped by full spectrum light. You could buy a big light (screen like) for $200+ to put in your room. Way more than I could afford, but I least I realized what was happening to me. Now "Ott lights" are on shelves in "big box" stores (even in Florida?!) for less than $34.99.

    My dearie, get some DAYLIGHT into your life! (oh cozy warmth and no snow helps, too!) In the end, fleeing works best! Come for a visit!

  6. Ready to flee! :-)