Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Wahoooo here we go! Yes, I know I am delusional thinking rainbows are coming out of my kids bottoms because it's Summer! No more school with the 17,000 end of the year field trips and teachers gifts and the terror of packing lunch. By the end I wanted to hand them a fruit roll up and a twenty and ask "are we good?"  But now, now we are off a schedule and we are going to be so very, very happy together! Days at the beach! Library time! Catching fireflies! Blueberry picking! Bring it!!! Right?! Right????!

For some reason I never learn. Like smashing my head into concrete again and again I think each year will be different. I get to day two of beach time ( I don't want to go-it's boring-she threw sand at me-I'm hungry!) to blueberry picking (it's hot-we have been here, like, forever-he's eating all the blueberries!) and everything in between. It goes on and on until everyone is yelling and I want to drink my way through the day.

Adjustment. That's all it is. Like we tell our kids, emotions pass, this is will pass.

What a crock of crap.

 Like the days of spit up and poop-up-the-back diapers we will feel the length and hot searing heat of these Summer moments until bright crisp September rolls around. And we will dance in the kitchen (as we make that first non-fruit roll up lunch with a love note enclosed!) We will lament as we watch them leave the house for school and remark on how much we will miss them. Funny enough that lasts about 13 minutes....

But I digress. Stick with it Peeps. Summer is built for those light bulb bugs and sleeping in. You will be as tired as a ninety year old at the end of the day and that will be great. Grit through your teeth how "we don't TALK TO EACH OTHER THAT WAY!!" and laminate the house rules that no one but you will read. Do soak in those moments of laughter. The tiny minutes of silence. The smell of beach on their skin. The gift of parenthood that we have been given for such a brief time.

And if that doesn't work try rum. That'll work. Definitely.

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