Thursday, April 21, 2011

Someone to watch over me

It's crucial that someone has your back. When the doo doo hits the fan you need to have that person or person's in your corner.  It's the essence of who we are.  Of what family is.  Community.  When we are rocked and thrown by the waves in our lives it is these brave souls who put us back together, patch us up.  I say brave because devastation ain't pretty.  It takes a strong stomach to watch it unfold.  We all cringe when we recall the harsh lessons of when someone wasn't there to catch our fall or perhaps when we were pushed.  I don't think I have ever experienced a more painful time (including natural childbirth!) as when I thought I had a friend, only to realize I did not.  Ouch.  How many of us have had that painful moment when you discover all is not right in Denmark?

It's the ones who say they will be there and aren't that sting the most.  Or perhaps the ones who love you just to the point of knocking you flat on your face.  So many of life's lessons give us the opportunity to see.  A lost job.  Scandal.  Ruin.  Whoever stands by us in those moments are our family.  Be it neighbor or lover.

As far as I am concerned they can pull up a chair at the Thanksgiving table because they are my Sisters now.  I bless and let go of the ones who are not.  First curse them, then let them go.  Bye, bye.  Then kiss the ground in thanks that this experience-job loss/divorce/ miscarriage/betrayal came into my life.

Thank you,  thank you,  thank you  for showing me who is true.

Thank you for showing me the creme rising to the top.

Because if I wake up with a lump in my breast I want to know I can call on you.  If my world implodes I want to know I won't get a polite smile and a too bad dear, I'll get you crawling  into bed with me to pull the covers up, cry with me, yell with me, eat chocolate with me until it gets better.  And it always gets better.  That we know.

Perpetual Winter is not for us.

Bless and let go.  Look for the ones who stay.  Look for the creme in your cup.


  1. You friend are no half & half, no light cream, maybe a goats milk at times but always my heavy cream...I love you for being all you, all the time...and have a friend you must BE a friend...if you have many, it is because you have been one too and that you are amazing at it. Friendship IS a gift, ours is one I wouldn't trade for the world!

  2. You are making me cry Goat milk! I love you and treasure our friendship! xoxo